About AliveMEDIA

About AliveMEDIA

AliveMEDIA Communications is a registered full Multi-Media development, advertising and marketing service provider and we create, develope and deliver cross platform multimedia solutions to small and large organizations also to help accelerate your online presence.
Think of us as your outsourced media department as we focus on your leads, so you can focus on your customers.
As a system, we pride in giving you the best multimedia services at an affordable cost helping you provide practical solutions to your media challenges.
Nothing is impossible as we will work with you, go ahead of you and solidly stand behind you to achieve your multimedia dream for your organization.

Multimedia Communication is the presentation of digital information in form of text, image, sound, motion graphics, websites and videos. It is a wide-ranging constantly evolving field which some specialties include audio and visual production and Broadcasting, Journalism, Graphic Design and animation etc.
AliveMEDIA Communication is a multimedia organization built to provide multimedia solutions to organizational needs.
At AliveMEDIA we are technically loaded with skills essential for professional competence in the contemporary multimedia environment.
With our dedicated team and strong work-force we are big enough, strong enough and intelligent enough to handle any multimedia need as we will go before you, watch behind you and stand by you in achieving your multimedia needs.

Services Details

Website design and implementations

Mobile application development

Video and Movie productions

Audio and Music productions

Live streaming and Projections

Digital marketing and Promotions

Studio design and setup

Web and Media Training